Because so many of our piece are truly one of a kind, Old Soul is never the same shop twice.

So, whether you live in a 200 year old antique farm house,  a Brooklyn Brownstone or a sleek modern  contemporary home, Old Soul has something just right for you.

Here at Old Soul 

​​Welcome to

Old Soul @ Jim's Garage

Vintage furniture

and unique home accessories.

At Old Soul, our unique, one-of-a kind  vintage furnishings, decorative objects, art  and growing green companions are individually sourced to create the area's most unique  and ever-changing selection. 

And, if you're looking for something truly special and uniquely you, consider our personal home or business consulting services or choose a custom paint furniture piece.

Visit us soon at 35 Railroad St.

North Canaan, CT 06018-0836

With many thanks

Bill Hower &

Deb Keller

Whether you are looking for furniture, art, a decorative accent piece or a new growing green companion, Old Soul will inspire you to live with beauty and grace.

At Old Soul we are dedicated to re-styling vintage furniture pieces into one of a kind accent pieces for your home.

We believe furniture and cherished objects can be old souls too. 

Old Soul vintage furniture and home accessories is dedicated to the art of living beautifully.

At Old Soul we lovingly restyle the furniture of decades past into fresh, fun pieces for the way we live today.

Our one-of-a-kind vintage furnishings, home decor accessories, gifts and growing greens can help you bring fresh energy to your home or work space.

"   I wouldn't mind turning into a vermilion goldfish.   " 

Henri Matisse

Home is that place where,

when you close the door on the world behind you

your heart and soul open up in the world before you.