In addition to our in store goods Old Soul is please to offer its customers

in-home or office space consulting and services.

A little Fung Shui, a little good design; a lot of fun! 

Our affordable in-home consulting services are just the thing to

breathe new life into any space.

​​Services by Old Soul @ Jim's Garage

"  ​Here's kind of my motto -

if you're not happy at home,
you're not happy anywhere else.  "
 Angie Harmon

RESTACK:  Just as with REMIX we can assist businesses with their space planning and utilization needs.

As with REMIX we will come to your business, conduct our interview and access your space.

From there, we will come up with a plan to optimize your space on your budget while creating a comfortable environment for you, your staff and customers.

We believe that a beautiful space is a successful space.  The BEST businesses happen in beautiful spaces.

@HOME:  Let your imagination run wild.  With Old Soul @HOME we can restyle your furniture treasures to suit your lifestyle today.

Or you can choose a piece from our inventory to be restyled in a custom color to suit your home and the way you live @HOME!

ReMIX:  Let us come in to your home  and help you see it with fresh eyes.

When we REMIX we come to your home   and quite literally shake things up!

We can do a single room or your whole house.

The whole process is great fun.  We start with an interview and then we have a good look around. 

Once we have targeted the REMIX space, we empty the room and, using pieces from all through the house, we re-assemble the room with a fresh new look.