Hello and welcome to Old Soul Vintage Furniture! I would love to share more about us with you!


About us - Deb Keller Old Soul Vintage FurnitureMy name is Deb Keller. I am co-owner and designer at Old Soul Vintage Furniture.  Along with my friend and partner, Bill Hower, I sell beautiful upcycled furniture and collectibles of all kinds




Old Soul offers beautiful one of a kind décor items such as:

  • Original art
  • Chinese porcelains
  • Lighting
  • Rugs
  • Books
  • Vinyl


as well as our own line of small batch, hand poured candles from our shop and studio in Canaan, CT and online at in our Etsy store. 

About us- Old Soul Vintage Furniture Elephant drawer

About Us and the History of Old Soul

Old Soul the retail store and studio came about in 2016 in a largely accidental way.


I was at a career cross road.  Bill had just decided to “retire” and we were closing his business, Jim’s Garage, where I had served as business manager for several years.


I knew what I DIDN’T want to do. I knew I didn’t want to update my professional resume and seek a new position.  I knew needed to make a change.


What I didn’t know was what I really wanted to do.


Since Bill owned the about-to-be-empty Jim’s Garage building anyway, a friend of his blithely suggested that we do what every other person in our predicament does; open an “antique store”.


It seemed to all of us that the “antique store” was a perfect solution.


I had a life time penchant for “collecting”. If it was beautiful, unique, useful or just plain fun, I probably had one, or knew where to find one.


And I had time on my hands!


I had a vintage building in the center of town at my disposal and the about-to-be-empty building needed a tenant.


I needed a job!


So Old Soul was born.

Old Soul Vintage Furniture - Vases


Old Soul Today

Nearly four years later I still love the excitement of finding a beautiful thing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a porcelain vase, a great old album, a piece of architectural salvage, a carousel horse or a crystal chandelier, if it speaks to me, it finds its way to Old Soul’s shelves.


My heart still belongs to vintage furniture though.


I am a self-taught furniture artist. I have experimented widely with finishes, methods, materials, pattern and color. My finishes have evolved over time and I am very proud of my pieces.


The entire furniture up-cycling community is very generous with it’s knowledge. I have learned from some of the most talented artist out there courtesy of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


Finding a vintage piece of furniture that I can reimagine and reinvent is a thrill. I can’t look at a piece of furniture without reimagining it a dozen different ways in my mind. I like to imagine the customer who will fall in love with the finished piece and create each one with that person in mind.


Up-cycling furniture still remains one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.


The turning point for me came with one of my first commissions.


My customer needed a pair of nightstands but wanted a wild, bohemian look using lots of color.


I had the night stands in my cache of vintage brown furniture but the charge to make them wild and boho was way outside of my comfort zone.


The final product had a distinctly old New Orleans feel. But my personal aesthetic was more “traditional”.


Old Soul Vintage Furniture - Before- wooden night stand


Old Soul Vintage Furniture - Colored end tables


What I Provide For You

Interested in a bespoke piece for your home or office?


I accept custom commissions for furniture up-cycling. I can transform your special piece or you can pick from our extensive inventory of furnishing.  Either way, I can transform any outdated piece into a one of a kind treasure to be enjoyed for years to come.


I can also provide in home design assistance and home staging services.


In addition to the shop and the online market, I co-host an Airbnb home.  Bear Mountain Lodge of Salisbury CT is furnished with an ever changing array of items from our collection, all available for sale.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about us and I invite you to come by and visit us at Old Soul Vintage Furniture!